Cry, the Beloved Country

Theophilus Msimangu

Theophilus Msimangu is an altruistic priest who sends a letter to Stephen Kumalo in the beginning of Book I. He is devoted to help others. He helps Kumalo find his son throughout the Book and he sends the letter to him to help Gertrude. Also, he even gives all his money to Kumalo later in their journey.Not only being a devoted man, he is also aware of the situation. He states the problem and Johannesburg the Kumalo. He says that white men have destroyed the traditions in South Africa and now people are lost without any morals to follow. He also states that black men get corrupted when they get power, as they talk about Kumalo’s brother John. Because he is aware of these issues, sometimes it seems like he is cynical, but the fact that he assists Kumalo throughout his journey shows that he is compassionate at the same time.