Cry, the Beloved Country

Book III
Chapter 30 - 36
Plot summary

(pg. 255-258) People of Ndotsheni warmly welcomes Kumalo back in Ndotsheni. While Kumalo have been away, Nodtsheni has been suffering from draught. Therefore, Kumalo prays with the people of Ndotsheni for rain...and for his son and his sister.

(pg. 268-272) Kumalo meets Arthur's son, a bright boy. Arthur's son treats Kumalo with no difference even though Kumalo is black. They quickly become close and Arthur's son receives Zulu lesson from Kumalo. After Arthur's son finds out about Ndotsheni's lack of milk, Kumalo recieves cans of milk from Jarvis to give them to kids in Ndotsheni.

(pg. 275-279) Jarvis, magistrate, and chief planted sticks on the ground for the purpose of making  a dam. Jarvis goes to Kumalo's church to escape from rain. Jarvis and Kumalo has a short conversation regardeing Absalom. In this scene, two men shows their understanding of each other. Also, the scene tells us that Absalom will be hanged.

(pg. 284-285)
1. Letsitsi: And I am the new agricultural demonstrator. I have my papers here, umfundisi.
    Kumalo: !
2. Kumalo: But you must tell me why you are here. Who sent you to me?
    Letsitsi: Why, the white man who brought me.
3. Kumalo: Yes, that is uJarvis. Now thell me all.
4. Letsitsi: I am come here to teach farming, umfundisi.

(pg. 291-292) James Jarvis's wife dies. Kumalo writes James Jarvis a letter showing his greivance.

(pg. 306-312)
1. Jarvis: Is he like him?
    Kumalo: he is like him, umnumzana.
2. Kumalo: Do not go before I have thanked you. For the young man, and the milk. And now for the church.
3. Jarvis: Go well, umfundisi
    Kumalo: go well, go well

Jarvis shows gratefulness for Kumalo's grievance towards his wife. Jarvis tells Kumalo that he is leaving to his daughter's house. Kumalo shows his thanks for Jarvis's kindess. They seperate their ways. Kumalo prays as Dawn comes as his son's execution approaches.