Cry, the Beloved Country

Stephen Kumalo

Stephen Kumalo is the protagonist of the novel, Cry, the Beloved Country. He is depicted as a kind, compassionate, and faithful character. He cherishes his family relations more than any characters in the novel. Even though Gertrude have disgraced him twice, one for going against christian principles and second for leaving her son behind, Kumalo still prays for her. Furthermore, Kumalo tries to warn John about becoming corrupted by power even though John let his son or even encouraged him to betray Absalom.Alan Patan shows moral righteousness and human flaws through Kumalo.  Even though Kumalo seems like a perfect christian man, he has his flaws. Kumalo was very mad about Gertrude disgracing him to the point of hitting her. His anger shows the impossibility of controlling one's emotion completely. Through Kumalo, Patan is able to show that even seemingly perfect people have flaws. However, even though Kumalo has his flaws, he is a very wise and moral character.