Cry, the Beloved Country

Study Questions

As you read the book try to keep these points in mind and discuss it with the group.

1. Topics and Issues
    What are the issues that are indtroduced in the story so far?
- Racism and segregation
    As Kumalo mentions in the train to Johannesburg, all white men have their own car and they are wealthy. This shows not only emotional segregation but social segregation. Few percent of the population is holding most of the resources and wealth. This may contribute to the poverty natives are suffering from.

- Overcrowded city of Johannesburg
    This overpopulated city cannot support that many people. Becauses there are not enough housings, places like slums are created and those places are usually very dirty without sanitary infrastructures. From these places infactious disease may spread out once in a while.

- Low women's right
    The movements for women's right took place after the anti-racism movements. During this period, women's only way of living is marriage. Especially the situation was bad for native women, because they were the lowest class and they didn't have anything they can do to make living. As the result, many poor women began to sell their body and places that are considered as slums became full of prostitutes.

2. Compare the different views white people had towards the natives. What does this show?

- Some wishes Africans to receive more education and have more rights
- Some worries that if Africans get educated they will become cleverer criminals
- Some asks for more police and protection.
- All of them shows different view about Black and it also shows White people's fear of Black people.

3. Do you support Father Vincent’s claim that sorrow is better fear?

Think about these factors:
- Sorrow has no violence
- Fear causes violence
- Fear: something that we value is threatened and endangered
- Sorrow allows you to make a new start
- It is better to be informed and know what is happening than be in fear without knowing what is going on

4. What is ironic about Arthur Jarvis’s death?

Arthur Jarvis was an activist for Native rights.Nevertheless, he was murdered by the ones he was fighting for and proctecting. When he was murdered he was writing a book called, “The Truth of the Native Crime.”