Cry, the Beloved Country

Absalom Kumalo

Absalom Kumalo is the one and only son of Stephen Kumalo. He was sent to Johannesburg to search for Gertrude. However, after he went to Johannesburg, Kumalo did not receive any message or news from Absalom. Even though he murdered Arthur Jarvis, he was originally a good-natured man . For example, he is honest in the court even though by being honest he is making his position disadvantageous. He admits his crime and agrees that even though his accomplices did something dangerous, he did nothing to stop that. There is many questions that surround Absalom. For example, why did he not write to Stephen Kumalo? Why did he carry a loaded revolver if is was brought only for the purpose of scaring people? Why did he take part in Pafuri's plan? No definite explanation can be made for all these questions.