Cry, the Beloved Country

Book I
Plot summary

Depictions of Plot Chapters 1-9


  • Kumalo receives a letter from Msimangu that asks for his presence
  • Kumalo leaves to Joahannesburg
  • Msimangu tells Kumalo how Gertrude sells herself and alcohol
  • Kumalo finds Gertrude with Msimangu's help. He tells her to pray for forgiveness
  • Kumalo goes to meet John Kumalo, his brother, to ask Absalom's whereabouts


  • Msimangu and Kumal0 goes to Shanty town to look for Absalom
  • They find out that Absalom made a girl pregnant
  • Absalom gets into Jail
  • Kumalo goes to Absalom to hear why Absalom committ such a crime

Brief Summary Chapter 10-17

    In this section of the novel, the reader sees a majority of the major action in the Kumalo side of the story. Kumalo rushes all around Johannesburg in search of his son, and learns that his son has impregnated a girl, and seems to have left her. Kumalo finally begins to relax, when he hears the news that Mr. Arthur Jarvis had been shot by three natives sparking a nationwide debate on the control of natives and the best course of action. Kumalo then discovers that the police are also searching for Absalom, and quickly learns that they already followed the trail to Absalom's pregnant girlfriend. Unable to identify why the police where searching for Absalom, Kumalo quickly begins to worry that the worst had occurred. Kumalo's fears are realized when he learns that his son is in jail, for murdering Mr. Jarvis. After briefly talking with him, Kumalo is extremely harsh on Absalom and requires Father Vincent to help him calm down. Kumalo visits Absalom's girlfriend to ask her if she would still be willing to marry Absalom. After gaining conformation he returns to Absalom, although still disgusted by Absalom's selfishness, to deliver him the good news. Kumalo also enlists Mr. Carmichael's help as a lawyer.

Graphic Organiser Chapter 10-17